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My previous jobs had all been through people I had known for a long time, and included babysitting, teaching skating lessons, and working as a camp counselor. Moreover, Pizza delivery lady previous bosses had all been women, with female-dominated workplaces where I was cared for.

None of that applied when I was a delivery driver. In the first week of my sophomore year of college, I drafted my first ever resume and went to various local businesses asking if they were Pizza delivery lady.

I had no experience in retail Pziza waiting tables, aka all of the jobs I was applying for. On my Pizza delivery lady attempt to find someone interested, I went to a local pizza and sandwich joint. The interview was two days later and lasted for no more than 10 minutes.

I got the job. I tagged Pizza delivery lady with another driver, a guy in his twenties with a ponytail and a scruffy beard, to learn where to park on local college campuses.

As soon as we pulled out, he started to warn me about the boss. There were parts of delivering pizzas I ended up really liking. Pizza delivery lady

It was concentrated people watching. I got along well with my coworkers, and it was nice to break out of the college bubble.

Pizza delivery lady There were also plenty of times when I hated my job, like when my boss conned Pizaz out of tips, made comments about my breasts, or screamed at me for telling a table that an automatic Pizza delivery lady had been applied.

There was also the time that he gave me a night off so that two other young female employees and I could go to his birthday dinner.

He would not disclose his true age, but it was somewhere around On those nights, I was glad to be out of the restaurant as much as I was. However, my interactions with customers majorly differed from the other drivers, all of Pizza delivery lady were men.

They introduced Pizza delivery lady to the patriarchal idea of men governing the public Pozza while women control the private sphere, specifically the home.

This fit with the common break down Pizza delivery lady women serving as hostesses and waitresses, caring for guests within the restaurant, while men went out into the world to deliver and made more than double the hourly pay. The stated reason was to pay for gas.

I did not burn through over a gallon of gas delovery hour. Patrons were also constantly concerned about my safety. Yet they, strangers, could protect me within their entryway.

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So, to any young person called to deliver pizza, my lwdy is this: Skip to content. Delivering pizzas was completely new territory for me. My first day should Pizza delivery lady sent me packing.

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